Optimize your health through genetic testing

NutriGuide is a personalized genetic test designed to identify genetic variations and offer specific dietary and nutritional supplement suggestions, lifestyle changes, and more.

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NutriGuide covers 6 categories and 40 variants


Advanced Genotyping

A form of DNA testing that is one of the most accurate methods in the world, maintaining 99.9% reproducibility.


Nutritional Guidance

Take control of your lifestyle with personalized nutrition guidance tailored precisely to your unique genetics.


Supplement Suggestions

Optimize your health and fitness journey with targeted supplement suggestions based on your personal needs.


Workout Suggestions

Transform your fitness routine with personalized training recommendations that fit your health and wellness goals.


Lifestyle Suggestions

Revitalize your life with personalized lifestyle suggestions. Cultivate balance and well-being for a happier, more fulfilling you.


Identify Deficiencies

Unlock true insights into your health. Identify deficiencies based on your unique genetics for a personalized path to well-being.


CLIA + CAP Certified

Our labs are CLIA and CAP certified ensuring your test results meet and exceed the industry standard for clinical laboratory testing.


Powered by BioLev®

BioLev is a team of specialists dedicated to DNA and genetic testing, with their expertise showcased in the creation of NutriGuide.

Unlock Your Genetic Blueprint

The True Power of Genetic Methylation Testing

If your personal health and fitness is a priority for you, a genetic methylation test is something that you should strongly consider, regardless of your fitness level. This test will tell you what your body converts into the usable form and what it doesn’t. It can also tell you what type of nutrition plan might work best for you as well as what type of exercise your body will respond best to.

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Weight Management


Muscle Building


General Health




How does it work?

NutriGuide® utilizes advanced genotyping; a form of DNA testing called MicroArray Panel Testing. This testing method is one of the most accurate DNA testing methods in the world (consistency of data information and accuracy per client) maintaining 99.9% reproducibility.

With many different companies offering DNA testing, it is important to know the laboratory procedures and standards. Our labs are CLIA and CAP certified, ensuring your test results meet and exceed the industry standard for clinical laboratory testing.

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